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Axius Capital

Axius Capital is a leading infrastructure investment solutions provider in Global Growth, or Transition, Markets (also known as Emerging & Frontier Markets). We create long-term value for our clients by accessing and managing high quality investment opportunities and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns that are stable and uncorrelated to other listed asset classes. 

Axius Capital is playing a pioneering role in accelerating institutional investment in infrastructure in Global Growth Markets, both from domestic institutions, such as pension funds and insurance companies, as well as from international investors. 

Axius Capital’s business model is to bring the tried & tested, globally recognised REIT & listed infrastructure model to  Global Growth Markets infrastructure. This allows the manager to adopt a buy-and-hold strategy while the investors enjoy ease of exit through a market listing.  We have already demonstrated its viability through the execution and listing of the Nigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund. 

Our focus markets of Africa, the Middle East and Emerging Asia are home to more than half of world’s population and includes markets with the highest infrastructure investment demands over the next decade.