“You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure” - Margaret Thatcher

Infrastructure can dramatically improve peoples’ lives, with access to reliable power supply, clean water and efficient , transportation directly delivering new jobs, higher economic growth and better living conditions. We focus exclusively on investing in and advising on infrastructure.

Operational assets dominate any buy-and-hold portfolio thereby ensuring that the investment portfolio can support a high distribution/dividend yield.  By raising capital when needed, we can deploy capital immediately and avoid a drag in returns.

Global Growth Markets

“What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing” - C. S. Lewis

Many in the OECD have a negative perception of Global Growth Markets which can be construed as a “core-periphery disease”. It belies the diversity, the opportunity and, often, the well-tested-regulatory frameworks that we find, resulting in more favourable risk-return ratios.

We work with investors, project sponsors and international financial institutions to structure and execute robust investment solutions that are not only rooted in “ground reality” but also match the highest governance standards. 

Investment Advice

“Let men be wise by instinct if they can, but when this fails be wise by good advice” - Sophocles 

Our aim is to be the investment adviser of choice for institutional investors seeking exposure to Global Growth Markets infrastructure. 

We measure our success by a single parameter: long-term returns delivered to our investors. 

Combining our team’s extensive industry knowledge, operating experience, market presence and financial markets skills enables us to deploy multiple levers of value creation, for the benefits of our investors.

Demand for infrastructure investment in Growth Markets

The demand for infrastructure investments in Global Growth Markets continues to grow, driven by sustained economic growth, population growth, trade and urbanisation.  As countries and people grow richer, the need for more electricity (to operate household equipment and factories), more efficient transport (to move greater number of people and volume of goods within and across borders) and resilient utilities (clean water, better connectivity) are some of the fundamental drivers necessary to deliver sustainable and equitable economic growth.

Infrastructure demand in Global Growth Markets will double by 2030


Faster growth in infrastructure investment needs 2011-2030.

Source: Cambridge University research

Africa & Asia will see the highest growth in infrastructure investments


Total infrastructure investment estimate for top 40 EMs

Source: Cambridge University research